#37 Meeting Park Bo Gum (2/2)
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Lanjut part 2! Semoga grammar gua nggak gitu memalukan untuk bikin postingan in English ini ahahaha. Anyway I will continue my story-telling of Bogummy <3

We had to wait for another an hour before the show started. The venue was crazy cold, I was freezing and dammit I only wore a t-shirt with short sleeves. While waiting, I tweeted on my Twitter and posted some photos, as well as Instagram Stories.

There he comes.............the host. Lmao, his name is Ichsan. He was so witty and sly to us. We shouted for 'Park Bo Gum' to come out and he showed up!!! So handsome, we screamed like mad and all the hands were up to take his photos hahaha. I was in awe to see him in sexy red suit. We got to see his chest omg soooooo sexy. He said a few Bahasa words such as 'Apa Kabar', full of smile. He told us about the meaning behind 'Oh Happy Day' as he chose the theme himself. So cute <3

The show continued to Q & A session. Bogum answered some fan questions which we submitted since November. MecimaPro as the promoter was holding an event, we can send a question and Bogum will answer it at the event. They only chose 3 questions though. AND DAMMIT MY QUESTION GOT PICKED.
"You love eating and considered as a big eater or 'Bap Bogum'. How do you feel when you have to go on a diet to film a drama or movie?"
here's the proof *cries* my question T_T <3

And he answered cutely that he never went on a diet lol. He said that he is thankful and glad to be as he is, since his parents who gave him his (handsome) look and great posture. I love his answer <3 thank you for answering my question, Bogum-ah!

He showed us lots of his hidden photos in Jakarta. He went to Monas (Monumen Nasional), Bundaran H.I, and strolled the night to eat some local foods such as satay and durian.

After some talks, he sung a song to us. His voice was so soothing and peaceful <3 I love it whenever he sings, he seemed to enjoy so much when he sung. After that, he went to change his outfit into white t-shirt and ripped-knee black pants. Handsome as always. He even told us that he wore the shirt specially because this year is the year of rooster. So on the back of his t-shirt, there's a printed-chicken hahaha he looked so cute when he tried to show it to us.

The session continued to him interacting with fans. Ok I won't tell it precisely since it was devastated for me LOL. I didn't get to be one of lucky fans, as well as Farras. We watched the whole of his interactions and skinships with those lucky bitches fans in frustration. Lololol it was saddening and how I wish I was one of them. But I'm happy that he enjoyed it so much and he looked so sincere. As expected of our angel.

(I kinda forgot the exact rundown of the shows lol so I will continue this story as much as I remember lol)

After that, the VCR screens showed the greetings by Kim Jong Kook, BTS, Cha Tae Hyun, Jinyoung of B1A4, and Song Joong Ki. Song Joong Ki talked the most, but he looked so sincere when he talks about his fellow actor. I knew it so well that Bogum will take a walk at the center of the venue, and I was right.

(vid by me) dammit when he walked in front of us

HE WALKED IN FRONT OF ME. OMG. He looked waaaaaay more handsome in closer look. He was so white under the lights while he sung. He cutely waved to us, but sadly the fangirls went wild and they even stepped on my seat wtf. After the walk-tour, he told us to be careful and don't make ourselves and others hurt. Yeah, Indonesian fans here are mostly a bit harsh, gotta admit it. Alay banget sumpah, gua yakin beberapa artis Korea agak takut sebenernya ke sini. Karena emang, well, ga semua sih, tapi most of them sungguh liar dan ga tau malu. Please, be a good fan dan tolong hargai kedatangan mereka dengan sambutan hangat. Bukan malah pengen nyentuh-nyentuh part of their bodies like bitch. Malu anjir.

After that, it's a game session. Again, another session of interacting with lucky fans. I won't tell it much, it's also a devastating one. But the game session was pretty fun.

Lastly, cooking session. Bogum tasted some of our local food, firstly, nasi goreng kambing (fried  rice with chopped goat meat). He said good, and asked if he's allowed to eat all of them LOL and I screamed like mad: "Yes, eat it up!!"

He also tried soto betawi, and he said it's delicious. Well, as expected of BapBogum. He ate so much like he hasn't eaten the whole day lol. It's no joke that he's a big eater, seriously. He eats so well.

When Bogum wore Batik <3
Then he made a sandwich......well, it's a bit creepy to me LOL. He made a sandwich, the fillings were mayonnaise, cucumber, and strawberry jam... I'm sorry Bogum, I love you but I won't eat it if you give me some lmao. He tasted it and he said that it's good LOL I cried. MC-nya bilang "Nyambung banget ya, rasanya..." dan gua hanya bisa tertawa sambil menangis.

He sung 'Untukmu' by Chrisye, the legendary singer of Indonesia who has passed away. We sung along with him and the stage was so beautiful. The VCR screens turned into black and white, as a tribute to Chrisye. Bogum sung so sincerely while playing the piano. Aw, I almost teared up. The entire venue was so beautiful. He continued with 'My Person', the Moonlight Drawn By Clouds OST. I love his high note, perfectly sung. I was so happy to be able to see him in person. At the end of his appearance on stage, he told us to stay healthy, don't turn the air conditioner in low temparature, and be careful on our way home while waving and smiling. I was beyond touched <3

The show hasn't ended, we still got to do a hi-touch session. We were waiting in nervous because we will meet him in person with much better sight. Omg. Yas. Farras got to shake hands with him first and she said 'I love you' directly like she confessed to a man LOL. She was a bit blank for a sec so Bogum got to move his head closer and looked into her eyes and Farras said it again that she loves him. Bogum said thank you so much and Farras' soul was probably gone to heaven for a moment.

Full of smile <333 (vid by Farras)

My turn. I was so crazy nervous when I saw him. He... was so tall and so handsome. Super handsome, way more handsome in person. His proportional body was such a good sight. His face was so white because of the make-up. But his arms looked a bit tanned and I love it hahaha. I shook hands with him, I said 'Saranghaeyo' when he looked into my eyes for around 3 seconds. I was also in blank mode lol. He said 'Kamsahamnida' and we bowed to each other so formally LOLOLOL. I took another look on him for the last time and said 'You've worked hard' in Korean. He probably didn't hear it though, but it's so memorable. I really love his sincere and he didn't even look tired to keep shaking hands and bowing to all of us, one by one. He's really a good actor with a good heart and personality. Among all of my favorites, he takes #1 in personality and kindness.

 he ate so well lol (vid by Farras)

Oh anyway, everyone said that his hand felt soft. But maybe it's only me since Farras said his hand was also soft. But I felt that his hand has this kind of rough texture which makes it manlier. It feels so warm though, maybe because we were freezing so his hand felt warm haha. I will never forget the moment I shook hands with him <3 Up til now, I still remember it clearly the texture of his rough hand. Thank you so much, Bogummy.

Well, the night ended as we went home. It's such a wonderful night and memorable. I had a great night thanks to Park Bo Gum. Thank you so much for coming to Jakarta, I hope you will come back someday. I will always support your career and whatever path you will walk in. I love you sincerely, and let's meet again.

Also, thank you Farras for being such a great companion, we screamed, cried, laughed, frustrated, and went wild together from the beginning til we meet Bogum. Let's meet him again when he is back to Jakarta <3

And thank you for reading this long post! Have a great day~ sorry for the bad grammar.

'My Person' - Park Bo Gum <3 (vid by Farras)

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