#36 Meeting Park Bo Gum (1/2)
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Hai. Nggak jadi nonton Goblin, kali ini gua akan posting pengalaman seru dan berkesan yakni bertemu dengan salah satu idola, aktor Korea Selatan ngetop bernama Park Bo Gum.

I'm writing this in English because some international people might read this (well probably none would read this lol). I will mix it with a bit Bahasa words, and anyway since English isn't my mother language so forgive me for the bad grammar.

Since around October - November, after Moonlight Drawn By Clouds ended, Park Bo Gum has announced his asia fan meeting tour through 'Oh Happy Day'. I know that Jakarta, which is part of Asia would also be one of his stops. And I was right. I was prepared enough for it and thank goodness I saved some of my earnings just in case if some Korean actors would visit here.
I got excited like crazy. I wasn't alone, Farras went wild more than me. Yeah, I went to the fanmeeting with her. We talked a lot through WhatsApp and we agreed to buy the tickets together through online. The show was presented by MecimaPro, and they were selling the tickets through online and offline. We chose to buy via online since going to the ticket booth would waste our time, and online is the faster way.

The ticketing was hella crazy. Their method was random-ticketing plus luck. Lol I mean, we couldn't choose our own seats, it's all chosen randomly by the system. That's why, I and Farras were buying it together just in case if one of us got the better seats. At the exact 11 PM, we booked our tickets and waited for the booking e-mail.

I probably was born to be a lucky bitch. Farras got the e-mail first, but her seat was a bit far away from the stage which is row G. My booking e-mail was crazy late, we almost gave up and chose to buy Farras' seats because we only have 3 hours to send the money. But I suddenly got an e-mail which is my booking and I got row A... I was so freaking happy and Farras went wild once again. We were so damn happy and I transferred the money. Thus, we got our seats officially, A-11 and A-12, Yellow section.

I exchanged the confirmation e-mail into tickets like a month after we bought it. Since I was working as an intern from Monday - Friday and my weekends were full of appointments, I could only exchange it a month later. The tickets shined my eyes til I got blinded lol.

Finally, the D-Day came. I worked til around 1 PM and went home afterwards. I took a shower, dressed up and went to meet Farras. We met at Kota Kasablanka, and the venue for the show is at The Kasablanka Hall. I arrived around 3 PM and went to buy some Shirokuma ice creams with her. Thanks to Bogummy, we got to buy the ice creams for cheaper price. I love him so much <3

We took selfies, and chattered for a while til 4:30 PM. After that, we went to the venue to buy some merchandise. We wanted to buy the cute fan but sadly it's all sold out, we were too late lol. Well, we took photos with Bogum standee while waiting to enter the hall, got to talk to a few other Bogum fans lol.

the standee <3
Aren't we cute?
 (the best photo so far lol)
Shine bright like Bogummy

Aaaand we entered the venue after waiting for about an hour!! Yasssss. We were pretty close to the stage. Thank goodness I got row A. The stage was pretty with snowflakes and 2 VCR screens. The Reply 1988, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, and L.A photoshoot clips were shown. The whole venue screamed like crazy although it's just clips lol.

close enough!
with our new friends <3

To be continued to the part 2.

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